Hold Us In Your Mercy


One thought on “Hold Us In Your Mercy

  1. Hi, Melissa, How are you? It was so nice of you to send this beautiful recording of “Hold Us In Your Mercy.” Our choir sang it during this past Lent a few times. I love it! How’s everything been with you and your family? Did you have a nice Easter? I’m still involved with the Patriotic Rosary Prayer Group, but since the end of last year, have been attending sporadically because of bad weather, illness, or my involvement in Schoenstatt, which I am spending a lot of time on as co-leader of our advanced group. Our other co-leader took over after Fr. Mondiek was transferred to Sacred Heart in McCartyville in the summer of 2016. He had started our group in Jan of that year. It has been a rewarding experience. The co-leader had knee replacement surgery in January and just returned to our group last week. It has been a long recuperation for her in the meantime. I have been leading our group since early February and will probably continue through the summer, as the other co-leader will have the other knee replaced sometime in June. As you probably know, Sandy Miller had to drop out of the PRPG last fall. She’s so busy with her homeschooling and other family matters after her husband got a new job. I miss you both! Carolyn Marth is leading the group. The last time I was there, it was very small. Better that than not at all. I hope everything is well with you and your family, Melissa. Thank you for this beautiful surprise today!

    God bless you!


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