O Happy Day!


From the Diary of St. Faustina, Divine Mercy in My Soul

1230-O day of eternity, O day so long desired, with thirst and longing, my eyes search you out. Soon love will tear the veil asunder, and you will be my salvation.

O day most beautiful, moment incomparable,when for the first time I shall see my God, the Bridegroom of my soul and Lord of lords, and fear will not restrain my soul.

O day most solemn, O day of brightness, when the soul will know God in His omnipotence and drown totally in His love, knowing the miseries of exile are o’er.

O happy day, O blessed day, when my heart will burn for You with fire eternal, for even now I feel Your presence, though through the veil. Through life and death, O Jesus, You are my rapture and delight.

O day, of which I dreamed through all my life, waiting long for You, O God, for it is You alone whom I desire. You are the one and only of my heart; all else is naught.

O day of delight, day of eternal bliss, God of great majesty, my beloved Spouse, You know that nothing will satisfy a virgin heart. On Your tender Heart I rest my brow.


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