Mercy and Thanksgiving


1286-From the Diary of St. Faustina

Thank You, O God, for all the graces which unceasingly You lavish upon me, graces Which enlighten me with the brilliance of the sun, for by them You show me the Sure way.

Thank You, O Lord, for creating me, for calling me into being from nothingness, for Imprinting Your divinity on my soul, the work of sheer merciful love.

Thank You, O God, for Holy Baptism which engrafted me into your family, a gift great Beyond all thought or expression which transforms my soul.

Thank You, O Lord, for Holy Confession, for that inexhaustible spring of great mercy, for That inconceivable fountain of graces in which sin-tainted souls become purified.

Thank You, O Jesus, for Holy Communion in which You give us Yourself. I feel Your Heart beating within my breast as You cause Your divine life to unfold within me.

Thank You, O Holy Spirit, for the Sacrament of Confirmation, which dubs me Your knight And gives strength to my soul at each moment, protecting me from evil.

Thank You, O God for the grace of a vocation for being called to serve You alone, leading Me to make You my sole love, an unequal honor for my soul.

Thank You, O Lord, for perpetual vows, for that union of pure love, for having deigned to Unite Your pure heart with mine and uniting my heart to Yours in the purest of bonds.

Thank You, O Lord, for the Sacrament of Anointing which, in my final moments, will give Me strength, my help in battle, my guide to salvation, fortifying my soul till we rejoice Forever.

Thank You, O God, for all the inspirations that Your goodness lavishes upon me, for the Interior lights given my soul, which the heart senses, but words cannot express.

Thank You, O Holy Trinity, for the vastness of the graces which You have lavished on me Unceasingly through life. My gratitude will intensify as the eternal dawn rises, when, for The first time, I sing Your glory.



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