Blood and Water: Fount of Mercy

From the Diary of St. Faustina

186-Today Jesus said to me, I desire that you know more profoundly the love that burns in My Heart for souls, and you will understand this when you meditate upon My Passion. Call upon My mercy on behalf of sinners; I desire their salvation. When you say this prayer, with a contrite heart and with faith on behalf of some sinner, I will give him the grace of conversion. This is the prayer:

187-“O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You.”


Hidden Love

From the Diary of St. Faustina

1239- O living Host, O hidden Jesus. You see the condition of my soul. Of myself, I am unable to utter Your Holy Name. I cannot bring forth from my heart the fire of love but, kneeling at Your feet, I cast upon the Tabernacle the gaze of my soul, a gaze of faithfulness. As for You, You are ever the same, while within my soul a change takes place. I trust that the time will come when You will unveil Your countenance, and Your child will see Your sweet face. I am astonished, Jesus, that You can hide yourself from me for so long and that You can restrain the enormous love You have for me. In the dwelling of my heart, I am listening and waiting for Your coming, O only Treasure of my heart!

1242-My Jesus, penetrate me through and through so that I might be able to reflect You in my whole life. Divinize me so that my deeds may have supernatural value. Grant that I may have love, compassion and mercy for every soul without exception. O my Jesus, each of Your saints reflects one of Your virtues; I desire to reflect Your compassionate heart, full of mercy; I want to glorify it. Let Your mercy, O Jesus, be impressed upon my heart and soul like a seal, and this will be my badge in this and the future life. Glorifying Your mercy is the exclusive task of my life.


Mercy in Song

From the Diary of St. Faustina

1284-O Jesus, I see so much beauty scattered around me, beauty for which I give You constant thanks. But I see that some souls are like stone, always cold and unfeeling. Even miracles hardly move them. Their eyes are always fixed on their feet, and so they see nothing but themselves.

You have surrounded my life with Your tender and loving care, more than I can comprehend, for I will understand Your goodness in its entirety only when the veil is lifted. I desire that my whole life be but one act of thanksgiving to You, O God.

Mercy and Thanksgiving


1286-From the Diary of St. Faustina

Thank You, O God, for all the graces which unceasingly You lavish upon me, graces Which enlighten me with the brilliance of the sun, for by them You show me the Sure way.

Thank You, O Lord, for creating me, for calling me into being from nothingness, for Imprinting Your divinity on my soul, the work of sheer merciful love.

Thank You, O God, for Holy Baptism which engrafted me into your family, a gift great Beyond all thought or expression which transforms my soul.

Thank You, O Lord, for Holy Confession, for that inexhaustible spring of great mercy, for That inconceivable fountain of graces in which sin-tainted souls become purified.

Thank You, O Jesus, for Holy Communion in which You give us Yourself. I feel Your Heart beating within my breast as You cause Your divine life to unfold within me.

Thank You, O Holy Spirit, for the Sacrament of Confirmation, which dubs me Your knight And gives strength to my soul at each moment, protecting me from evil.

Thank You, O God for the grace of a vocation for being called to serve You alone, leading Me to make You my sole love, an unequal honor for my soul.

Thank You, O Lord, for perpetual vows, for that union of pure love, for having deigned to Unite Your pure heart with mine and uniting my heart to Yours in the purest of bonds.

Thank You, O Lord, for the Sacrament of Anointing which, in my final moments, will give Me strength, my help in battle, my guide to salvation, fortifying my soul till we rejoice Forever.

Thank You, O God, for all the inspirations that Your goodness lavishes upon me, for the Interior lights given my soul, which the heart senses, but words cannot express.

Thank You, O Holy Trinity, for the vastness of the graces which You have lavished on me Unceasingly through life. My gratitude will intensify as the eternal dawn rises, when, for The first time, I sing Your glory.


Spiritual Rosary Crusade for Peace, Luminous Mysteries

I Pledge to pray at least one Rosary per week for the intentions of peace and conversion to the one true God

Taken from Thirty Steps to Heaven,  Vassilios Papavassiliou

Obedience–Obedience is unquestioned movement, death freely accepted, a simple life, danger faced without worry, an unprepared defense before God, fearlessness before death, a safe voyage, a sleeper’s journey. Obedience is the burial place of the will and the resurrection of lowliness.

As flower comes before every fruit, so exile of body or will precedes all obedience. From obedience comes humility…and from humility comes discernment.